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Bring accountability & order to the chaos of pursuing new business. Mirren’s new business specialists provide training programs and conference keynotes that are provocative, insightful and actionable.

  • Future Proofing: Identifying New Growth Opportunities
  • Business Lessons From the Consultancies
  • Building a Culture of Systematic Organic Growth
  • Bring & Rewrite Your Agency Capabilities
  • Advanced Pitch Strategy to Better Engage, Differentiate & Convert
  • Turning a Regional Agency Into a National Competitor

Future Proofing: Identifying New Growth Opportunities

In this interactive speaking engagement, you will work through a series of exercises to begin future-proofing your agency – identifying the business growth opportunities and new service offerings to drive the next stage of growth.

Moving through a specific Mirren framework, you will evaluate the future growth potential of your current services, while identifying new revenue streams and offerings. Ultimately, this session takes a step-by-step look at how to innovate in a way that positions your agency for the next five years.

Optional exercises can be included to outline the resulting operational implications for your new plans.



Business Lessons From the Consultancies

In this session, we take a look at the new agency competitive set – with a particular focus on the management consultancies. While they continue to steal share from the agency industry, there are lessons to be learned to improve agency performance.

Expect to leave this session with action your team can take to completely elevate how you go to market – and address day-to-day clients.



Building a Culture of Systematic Organic Growth

The role of account management has shifted. Significantly. It used to be just about delivering the agency’s work on spec, on time, on budget. This is no longer the case. In fact, there are now two types of account managers: those who passively manage their accounts and those who proactively lean in, lead the client, and drive the growth of the account.

This speaking engagement will review how to empower your teams with a more methodical approach to Organic Growth – without having them feel like salespeople.

Bring & Rewrite Your Agency Capabilities

The key in telling your agency’s story is to communicate the meaningful business value you create for your clients – in no uncertain terms.

This speaking engagement walks through a series of interactive exercises and a framework with which to best deliver an overview on your agency’s offering. This will immediately differentiate you from your competitive set, while addressing the core business issues most important to each individual prospect.

Optionally, time can be provided for several people/teams to come to the front of the room for coaching as they present their updated capabilities.

Advanced Pitch Strategy to Better Engage, Differentiate & Convert

This speaking engagement will bring order to the chaos of pitching business. We completely deconstruct and improve your entire process.

To achieve this, we begin by outlining how to turn your teams into client business partners – more effectively uncovering and addressing business outcomes. Our approach leans in hard. It is proactive, client-centric, consumer-insight driven, focused on meaningful business impact, and efficient to deliver. From beginning to end, we cover staffing, resources, and process. With the final pitch presentation itself, we address casting, deck writing, presentation skills, theater and the one change that will have the most dramatic impact on your win rate.

Turning a Regional Agency Into a National Competitor

The agencies with the highest growth rates focus less on their local region and more on capturing profitable national business.

To that end, this session walks through the steps an agency needs to take to step up onto the national stage and convert larger pieces of business. Moving beyond the local rolodex completely improves an agency’s ability to generate and maintain a consistent new business pipeline. We’ll take a look at identifying those qualified prospects your agency can most easily and quickly turn into new assignments – and how to prototype this approach out across dozens of clients.

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Our talks are insightful, provocative, and interactive. Our team has addressed agency CEOs and senior management teams at numerous industry conferences around the world. These have included the 4As, agency networks, agency holding companies, and individual agency management retreats.

Each keynote and workshop often ends with participating taking a few minutes to articulate a few net steps they take immediately upon returning to the agency. Materials and handouts are often provided

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