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Check Out Our Upcoming Industry Conferences & Events, All Focused on Driving Agency Growth

  • Mirren Live New York
  • CEO Summit
  • Account Mastery Workshop

The 2020 Mirren Live Event Series: Apr 30, May 20, Jun 10, Oct 20

Mirren Live is now a four-day virtual event, with the last day also in-person in New York.

We have orchestrated a complete pivot to address the market downturn – and getting your agency out of it. There are now three new critical areas of focus: Navigating the Downturn, Generating Short-Term Revenue and Running a Remote Operation. With a full live broadcast, your entire senior team can access every session and begin taking immediate action to rebuild for growth. You’ve got this.

Join Us in Chicago this Nov 6-7, 2019

Future-Proofing Your Agency

Identifying Your New Revenue Growth Opportunities

At Mirren's CEO Summit, you will have the rare opportunity to collaborate with other CEOs, as you work through a series of principles, methods and exercieses to future-proof your agency. To ensure your innovation work is strategically sound, you will conduct assessments of your growth potential, capabilities, fees, talent and more. In fact, you'll begin identifying new service offerings to drive future revenue growth. 

Next Event: January 2020

Join Mirren’s Agency Strategy and Organic Growth specialists in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles or Toronto. Over the course of two workshops of a day & a half each, we address: Agency Strategy and Organic Growth. Our Account Mastery Workshops specializes in turning account teams into more effective client business partners. Ultimately, the goal is to train your key team members on how to become strong strategic leaders – while growing the business for the agency.

See Upcoming Live Webinar Training

These are Mirren's single and multi-session live webinar training programs – the same level of training previously reserved only for those who brought Mirren to their agency.

In fact, your team can interact and ask questions of each Mirren strategist. There are now more than 100 Live Training Webinars throughout the year. And, these are not your typical webinars. We move fast. We dig deep. You leave with an action plan.