Competitive Reviews/RFPs

Converting Competitive Reviews / RFPs: Method, Motivation, Accountability

Series Overview

Pitching new business isn’t so bad. After all, who doesn’t enjoy pounding through three months of work in only weeks or days – for free.

To that end, we bring order to the chaos of pitching. We completely deconstruct and improve your process. Our approach is down to a science – strategic and methodical – but often contrarian. If you follow all the rules of the process and never actually lead the client, your ability to convert drops considerably.

Ultimately, the goal is to directly impact your win rate by turning your pitch teams into client business partners – more effectively uncovering and addressing business outcomes. To achieve this, our approach leans in hard. It is proactive, client-centric, consumer-insight driven, focused on meaningful business impact, and efficient to deliver. From beginning to end, we break down the entire pitch process.

At the end of each session, you will outline action items you can immediately begin implementing.

Importantly, competitive reviews can still be the fastest path to large pieces of business. They provide a significant revenue opportunity – but only when orchestrated effectively.

Throughout this series, we’ll cover key concepts that include:

  • Build Systems: Outline a custom process for your agency; one that you can codify and efficiently scale out across all reviews.
  • Pitch Activation: Kick-off every review with a rock solid strategy and approach; one that will align your team on the best approach to convert each particular opportunity.
  • Qualify the Lead, Qualify the Agency: Custom to your agency, articulate a set of criteria to more effectively identify and pursue the strongest opportunities.
  • Senior Decision-Maker Access: Whether or not it has been offered, get more access to client-side decision-makers, uncovering exactly what it will take to win.
  • Correlate Work to Client Business Outcomes: Better connect every aspect of the agency’s output to the client's most critical business and marketing KPIs.
  • Questionnaire Responses & Case Studies: Transform these into powerful selling documents by communicating complex information in a way that ensures the benefit of your unique capabilities is punching through in no uncertain terms.
  • Agency Capabilities: Whether a written submission or an in-person meeting, deliver the agency’s story in a manner that outlines the impact you’ll have on the client’s business. In fact, turn capabilities meetings into diagnostic work sessions.
  • Strategic Horsepower: Client expectations of agency strategy have spiked, therefore your entire strategic output must address how your insights and strategy will unlock client business growth potential.
  • Final Pitch Presentations: Create and deliver dynamic, engaging and persuasive presentations with a methodical structure that can be scaled across all pitches.
  • Why You Lost: In cases where you “come in second,” learn how to uncover the truth about where your agency most needs to improve.
  • Search Consultants: Better leverage these key matchmakers to drive more new business opportunities.


You are in pitches to win — this training is about winning business.


Competitive Reviews/RFPs


Converting Competitive Reviews / RFPs: Method, Motivation, Accountability

Competitive Reviews/RFPs

Converting Competitive Reviews / RFPs: Method, Motivation, Accountability

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Jun 07

Pitch Activation: Kick-Off With a More Effective Strategy

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Pitch Activation: Kick-Off With a More Effective Strategy
June 7, 2019 1:00 - 2:30pm ET

Kick off every pitch with a sound strategy and approach--one that sets you up to convert the business, more effectively and efficiently.

First, this means understanding the changes taking place client-side that are directly impacting the pitch process. Fail to align against the shifting client needs, and your win rate will plummet.

We will outline the key steps necessary for an effective start to every competitive review/RFP opportunity. This includes qualifying the opportunity, casting the right team, and aligning that team against a specific kick off plan. Get your team members to better commit, focus, and make their best possible contribution to converting the business.

Jun 14

Prospect Business Objectives: Better Understand & Address Impact

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Prospect Business Objectives: Better Understand & Address Impact
June 14, 2019 1:00 - 2:30pm ET

Elevate your team’s thinking and put the focus where it belongs: the specific business outcomes most important to the prospect in front of you. This is vital to your entire pitch development.

Learn how to identify client business and marketing KPIs (key performance indicators) and then elevate the RFP assignment against those. Based on this, you will then create messaging to articulate the agency’s position in a way that clearly communicates the business value of your work.

Overall, you will better correlate the agency’s work to client outcomes, increasing your odds of converting the business – at a higher margin.

Jun 21

Senior Decision-Maker Discovery: Uncover What It’s Going to Take to Win the Pitch

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Senior Decision-Maker Discovery: Uncover What It’s Going to Take to Win the Pitch
June 21, 2019 1:00 - 2:00pm ET

Knowing what's really going on behind the scenes of a competitive review will make or break most pitch attempts. This training focuses on how to orchestrate client senior decision-maker discovery, even when access is being blocked:

  1. Uncover the client’s real objectives for the review.
  2. Get the inside intel on what it’s going to take to win the review.
  3. Build a personal relationship with the decision-maker.

The sooner you gather this critical intel, the faster your team will be aligned on the most effective plan to convert the business.

Jun 28

New Business Writing: Capabilities, Questionnaires & Case Studies That Convert

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New Business Writing: Capabilities, Questionnaires & Case Studies That Convert
June 28, 2019 1:00 - 2:30pm ET

We begin by addressing your capabilities. Whether a written submission or an in-person meeting, the goal is to communicate the agency's position within one core presentation framework that can be customized for each individual prospect. In fact, when meeting in-person, apply an advanced form of diagnostics to turn these critical presentations into diagnostic work sessions, carefully designed to get to the core of the prospect’s business issues.

Next, we address your questionnaire responses and case studies. Learn a set of new principles you can use to better structure, write and design these critical written submissions. Ultimately, turn these into documents and content that will:

  1. Be read in detail by the prospect
  2. Better differentiate the agency
  3. Better set you up to win the review

Leave this session with specific improvements you can immediately apply to your new business writing.

Jul 09

Genuine Target Audience Insight: A Key Tool to Convert the Business

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Genuine Target Audience Insight: A Key Tool to Convert the Business
July 9, 2019 1:00 - 2:00pm ET

Client expectations of agency strategy have spiked. They are demanding deeper insights and strategy that cuts across a growing number of channels and creates immediate business impact. To that end, those agencies who best deliver against these needs are experiencing the highest win rates.

In this session, we will break down how to more effectively uncover and sell target audience insight. In fact, this has beome the lynchpin for all pitch presentations. You must uncover the target purchase decision behavior and how you will then leverage it to grow the client's business. Fail to uncover genuine insight and your entire strategy and activation quickly fall apart.

Leave this session with methods you can begin using to effeciently develop and sell more effective insights.

Jul 16

Final Pitch Presentations: Command the Room With More Powerful Decks & Theater

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Final Pitch Presentations: Command the Room With More Powerful Decks & Theater
July 16, 2019 1:00 - 2:30pm ET

In this training, we’ll outline how to turn your final pitch decks into hard-hitting presentations that convert more business.

We begin by outlining the framework for a pitch presenation that is laser-sharp, engaging, and focused on the client's business. Applying principles from the discipline of management consulting firms and the engagement of storytelling, you will learn how to create content that more effectively appeals to senior decision-makers. In fact, we'll move beyond the deck to discuss the role of visual aids and room theater, further deepening client engagement. Step-by-step, we'll break down the entire presentation; one that can be efficiently replicated across all reviews – whether in person or remote.

Ultimately, the result is a greater command of the room with a more compelling presentation and team.

The session will conclude with a look at how to orchestrate the post-pitch feedback call, uncovering the truth about your agency's pitch performance.

Jul 23

Search Consultants: Leveraging This Source of New Business

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Final Pitch Presentations: Command the Room With More Powerful Decks & Theater
July 23, 2019 1:00 - 2:00pm ET

Search Consultants play an important role in the world of new business. They influence billions of dollars in agency revenue each year. Understanding how and when to tap this potential source of business can potentially fuel an agency's pipeline – if there's an appropriate fit.

This training outlines how to best leverage these key matchmakers to drive more new business opportunities for your agency. We address critical questions:

  1. For your particular agency, is it worth the effort to pursue these gatekeepers?
  2. Are they open to new agencies or do they stick with favorites?
  3. What is the best way to break through and get on their radar?

Get a look into their selection process and exactly what it takes to get on their short list. Understand why they reject many agencies and how you can prevent this – no matter what size you happen to be.

Who Should Attend?

This training is designed for those team members involved in leading or supporting competitive reviews for the agency. CEOs and management team members should also join as the outcomes often have operational and resource implications, particularly as it relates to increasing efficiencies.

About the Instructor

Nadine Tull

Director, Agency Growth Strategy

Nadine Tull is Director of Agency Growth Strategy at Mirren. She specializes in training senior teams how to more aggressively – and more methodically – generate organic growth and new business.

In her agency career, Nadine was a force in account management. She worked to establish a partnership with her clients, providing a level of strategic counsel that was focused on growing their business – and the agency’s. In fact, she believes that clients are looking for proactive business partners who lean in hard and don’t just passively take orders. It is essential to frame every aspect of the agency’s work through this lens.

Nadine spent the majority of her agency career in Los Angeles, playing a leading role on retail powerhouse clients that included Taco Bell and T-Mobile. She then moved to the WPP agency, Cole & Weber Seattle, to lead their largest accounts and run new business pitches. During her tenure as the agency partner for Washington’s Lottery, she led continuous years of record growth for the client and agency. She expanded their digital ecosystem, grew the account scope, and successfully defended against a large competitive review, securing the business for six additional years.

Most at home in the center of it all, Nadine lives in downtown Seattle, placing her at the heart of the city’s theater, event and food scene.

Nadine can be reached here by email.