Competitive Reviews/RFPs

Converting the Virtual Pitch: The New Best Practices Winning Business Right Now

Series Overview


Starting July 30th, this is a series of new live training webinars, developed to address the new world of competitive reviews/RFPs.

As you know, there’s a lot to deal with right now: building a virtual pitch (when the entire agency team is remote), conducting research (when the world is shut down from a pandemic), adapting to a new client pitch process (completely different from one client to the next), and then presenting it all (with absolutely no one in the same room). 

Ultimately, the goal is to directly impact your win rate by providing the best practices most effectively dealing with all the current challenges. While the fundamentals of an insight-rich strategy, innovative creative activation, and client business impact still apply – a lot must evolve. In this new live webinar training series, we'll break down the entire competitive review/RFP process, providing new methods you can immediately begin to apply to be sure you capitalize on every pitch opportunity. 

At the end of each session, you will outline action items you can immediately begin implementing.

You are in pitches to win — this training is about winning business.



Competitive Reviews/RFPs


Converting the Virtual Pitch: The New Best Practices Winning Business Right Now

Competitive Reviews/RFPs

Converting the Virtual Pitch: The New Best Practices Winning Business Right Now

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Jul 30

Remote Team Management: Building Your Pitch When the Entire Team is Separated

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Thursday, July 30
1:00 - 2:30pm EST

It's no secret that to convert each pitch opportunity, your teams need to be aligned and focused. And, when pitching virtually, this becomes even more critical. In this session, you'll learn how to kick off every virtual engagement with a sound pitch strategy – one that sets you up to convert the business, more effectively and efficiently. 

We will outline the best practices necessary for an effective start to every virtual competitive review/RFP opportunity. This includes how to manage a remote team under tight deadlines, increase collaboration, craft a dynamic pitch presentation, cast the right people, and align against and strategic kick-off plan. Get your remote team members to better commit, focus, and make their best possible contribution to converting the business. 

Aug 06

How to Uncover & Address the Real Pitch Objectives (What It Will Really Take to Win)

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Thursday, August 6
1:00 - 2:30pm EST

Unfortunately the quality of client pitch briefs hasn't improved since the advent of social distancing. In part, this is due to brief writing being delegated down to mid-level and junior marketing managers. However, to win the pitch, you must deliver against the expectations of the senior decision-maker.

In this session, you will learn how to get more access (even when remote) and how to leverage it into a more effective pitch strategy. We'll address how to ask smarter questions to get better answers, along with identifying the external sources you can use to fill in the gaps. The sooner you gather this critical intel, the faster your team will be aligned on the most effective plan to convert the business.

Ultimately, this will result in elevating your team’s thinking, placing the focus where it belongs – the specific business outcomes most important to the senior decision-maker.

Aug 13

New Business Writing: Capabilities, Questionnaires & Case Studies That Convert Virtual Pitches...

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Thursday, August 13
1:00 - 2:30pm EST

Void of face-to-face chemistry-building opportunities, an agency's writing craft has become even more important. Many agencies lose competitive reviews by failing to adequately address these critical selling documents early in the process – instead placing more of their focus on the final pitch presentation (if they make it). Rather than carefully personalizing and addressing the real business issues at hand, past pitch documents are given a superficial polish, completely landing flat with the client.

In this session, we address how to write and present some of the most important pitch deliverables: Questionnaire Responses, Case Studies, and Capabilities Presentations.

Whether provided as a written submission or presented live to the client, ultimately, the goal is turn these into documents and content that will:

   - Be read in detail by the prospect 
   - Better differentiate your agency
   - Position your agency as the only answer for the brief 
   - Set you up to win the review

In fact, you'll learn how to create a standard framework for each of these written documents that can be quickly personalized for each individual pitch – ensuring you hit hard and win the pitch.

Aug 20

Virtual Pitch Presentations: Command the Room (Even When You're Not In It)

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Thursday, August 20
1:00 - 2:30pm EST

In this training, we’ll outline how to turn your final pitch decks into hard-hitting virtual presentations that convert more business – even though you aren't in the same room as your client team.

You will learn how to take advantage of advance preparation and “setting the stage” well before the meeting even begins. The training will then move into what is required to orchestrate the virtual presentation in a way that engages everyone right at outset – and then holds the client right through to the end.

Also covered, we'll look at techniques to help with room theater, visual aids, big openings, big surprises, and big closings. Ultimately, the result is a greater command of the room with a more compelling presentation and team.

The session will conclude with a look at how to orchestrate the post-pitch feedback call, uncovering the truth about your agency's pitch performance.

Who Should Attend?

This training is designed for your entire new business team. While the curriculum is geared toward senior and mid-level team members, your more junior executives will also elevate their ability to play a strategic role in your new business program.

About the Instructor

Nadine Tull

Director, Agency Growth Strategy

Nadine Tull is Director of Agency Growth Strategy at Mirren. She specializes in training senior teams how to more aggressively – and more methodically – generate organic growth and new business.

In her agency career, Nadine was a force in account management. She worked to establish a partnership with her clients, providing a level of strategic counsel that was focused on growing their business – and the agency’s. In fact, she believes that clients are looking for proactive business partners who lean in hard and don’t just passively take orders. It is essential to frame every aspect of the agency’s work through this lens.

Nadine spent the majority of her agency career in Los Angeles, playing a leading role on retail powerhouse clients that included Taco Bell and T-Mobile. She then moved to the WPP agency, Cole & Weber Seattle, to lead their largest accounts and run new business pitches. During her tenure as the agency partner for Washington’s Lottery, she led continuous years of record growth for the client and agency. She expanded their digital ecosystem, grew the account scope, and successfully defended against a large competitive review, securing the business for six additional years.

Most at home in the center of it all, Nadine lives in downtown Seattle, placing her at the heart of the city’s theater, event and food scene.

Nadine can be reached here by email.