Getting Started with MirrenDirect

Take a Tour

In this video, we provide a brief tour of all you receive with access to MirrenDirect’s resources and training. We take a look at On-Demand Training, Live Training Webinars, Conference Speaker Recordings, Daily Leads and more. You’ll learn how your teams can move through sequential training programs – or use MirrenDirect as an “on-demand resource” – getting in, quickly solving an immediate challenge, and moving on.

Ultimately, the goal is to have your teams move quickly to begin generating more business from current and new clients.

How to Use MirrenDirect to Create an Internal Training Program


In this video, we provide a brief overview of how to use the MirrenDirect resources to design and orchestrate training programs for your teams.

What Is Most Holding Back Your Growth?

The goal with MirrenDirect is to have your senior teams become more aggressive, methodical and accountable with organic growth and new business. With this in mind, first gain some insight into your most critical challenges. In this brief video, we discuss the role of assertive talent, strategic horsepower, correlating work to client outcomes, methodical process, and growth.