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Company Overview

ProofHQ is a cloud-based proofing system that simplifies the process of managing creative content review and approval. ProofHQ is used in both agencies and brands by project managers, graphic and web designers, creative operations, copywriters and just about anyone responsible for developing or delivering a high volume of time-critical creative content.

ProofHQ eliminates the bottlenecks caused by using traditional methods of reviewing proofs: email, FTP and manually printing hard copies. By creating a centralized digital proof that can be accessed by all stakeholders at any time, from anywhere, and providing rich markup and commenting tools, teams can now distribute, comment, collaborate and approve the content virtually.

ProofHQ is easy to use, simplifies workflows and gets marketing projects done faster and more efficiently. Our customers have reduced the effort in managing the approval process by 59%, and get projects completed and out the door on average 56% faster.

Contact Info

5005 West Royal Lane, Suite 288,
Irving, TX, 75063, US