Proactive Prospecting

Short-Term Revenue: Accelerated Lead Generation with Account-Based Marketing

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Short-Term Revenue: Accelerated Lead Generation with Account-Based Marketing

As the market continues to slow down, driving shorter-term revenue for your agency will become mission critical.

However, shopping around capabilities and case studies has become the single most dated approach to prospecting. The same can be said for the idea that it takes months or years to build relationships before doors start to open.

Proactive prospecting – when orchestrated strategically, methodically and efficiently – can open new doors in a matter of weeks. To that end, this live web training program has been completely updated for 2020 to address the market downturn and the shorter-term revenue needs of agencies.

Now being considered by many as the future of new business, we'll also address Account-Based Marketing (ABM). ABM is a more strategic and efficient blend of hyper-focused targeting against a smaller number of high-value prospects. You begin by identifying the specific clients your agency can most quickly and easily turn into new assignments. One by one, those leads are then hit ten times as hard with personalized content that kicks open doors. Simple, but sophisticated, new tech tools help support this powerful approach. In fact, there are small and mid-sized agencies using ABM right now to achieve growth. Because of the focus, it is faster and consumes fewer resources.

Addressing a more pragmatic approach to Proactive Prospecting, we will share the best practices these agencies are using to:


  • Maintain growth during a downturn (albeit moderate growth)
  • Use fewer resources (increase your efficiency)
  • Shorten the sales cycle (get new accounts faster)

Throughout this live training program, we’ll address how to build, nurture and convert high-quality prospects:


Completely personalized to your agency, apply ABM lead scoring criteria to identify those target accounts you can most quickly and easily convert into new clients.

Identify Your Entry Points:

Here, we'll address the process by which clients acquire new marketing services – and how you can get in faster, targeting a range of different departments and executives.

Initial Outreach:

Implement a powerful outreach program via social media, email, telephone, and more – including the single type of message and content that addresses what clients most need from an agency in a downturn.

Phone Call Conversion:

Convert a higher percentage of your phone calls into meetings by more effectively focusing on the new needs of clients – avoiding the single most dated approach of shopping around "capabilities and case studies."

First Meeting Conversion:

Increase your ability to convert each prospect into a new assignment by moving through a step-by-step framework that engages the prospect in a highly-collaborative dialogue – proving your agency is what they need right now.

Remote Meeting Conversion:

Given the current public health travel restrictions, you'll learn key principles to transform remote meetings into far more dynamic and engaging experiences for prospects.

Objection Handling:

Increase your ability to convert each prospect by learning how to preempt and overcome twelve of the most common objections in an agency / client prospecting meeting.

ABM Tools & Technologies:

To improve your targeting, lead nurturing and lead conversion, learn how new ABM tech tools can support your prospecting goals.

Ultimately, over the course of several weeks, your team will learn a new approach that more methodically brings business into the agency – confidently driving short-term revenue opportunities.


Proactive Prospecting


Short-Term Revenue: Accelerated Lead Generation with Account-Based Marketing

Proactive Prospecting

Short-Term Revenue: Accelerated Lead Generation with Account-Based Marketing

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Apr 09

Identify Those Prospects That You Can Most Quickly Convert: Your New 2020 Target List

More Info

Thursday, April 09
1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

Gone are the days of targeting 100+ companies without any strategic rationale.

Completely personalized to your agency, learn how to apply a specific set of (ABM) Lead Scoring Criteria to identify those target accounts you can most quickly and easily convert into new assignments.

During this session, you will move through a series of interactive exercises to create a more focused – and actionable – prospect target list. Ultimately, the goal is to generate first meetings much faster by targeting well-qualified clients.

Apr 15

Shorten Sales Cycle: Leverage Better Prospect Intel to Access More Decision-Makers

More Info

Tuesday, April 15
1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

Clients are on the receiving end of emails and phone calls from dozens of agencies – every week. So, why your agency?

Elevate your team’s thinking and put the focus where it belongs: on the specific business outcomes most important to the prospects in front of you. Rather than focusing on your agency, make the shift to focus on what clients most need right now – particularly given the market downturn.

In this session, you will apply several step-by-step methods to help differentiate your agency from the "sea of agency sameness," while becoming more compelling to prospects. You will see an immediate improvement in your ability to open more doors, more quickly.

Apr 21

Generate Leads: Create a Sales-Driven Content Marketing Program

More Info

Tuesday, April 21
1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

To open doors more quickly, two key ingredients include the right messaging and content. To that end, we'll address how Content Marketing is applied to an ABM sales process – completely accelerating your pipeline.

Based on your personalized target list, you'll work through a process to identify the type of content necessary to have prospects pick up the phone – and even proactively reach out to you. At the same time, scale is critical, but resources are likely tight. Given this, we'll outline how to develop and scale the most compelling content in a way that requires the least amount of agency resources.

In the end, you'll learn how to create your content, add your call to action, and then distribute it out through targeted channels that engage your prospects.

Apr 28

Nurture Leads: Convert Your Outreach Into First Meetings

More Info

Tuesday, April 28
1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

This session builds upon having your optimized target list and prospecting content firmly in place. We'll now step through a methodical outreach program that leverages this to move prospects through your sales pipeline:

  • Initial Outreach: how to make initial contact via social media channels, email and voice mail – with the goal of securing a phone call.
  • Phone Calls: how to orchestrate the phone call – with the goal of securing a face-to-face (or remote) meeting.

Based on the above outreach channels, you'll also develop a set of scripts, personalized to your unique target list and prospecting content. We'll complete the session by having you outline your agency's custom outreach plan.

May 05

Convert Leads: Getting a New Project From Your First Meeting (In-Person or Remote)

More Info

Tuesday, May 05
1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

There is one chance for a first impression, and likely, only one chance for a first meeting. Learning how to convert this opportunity is critical. In this session, you'll apply a new framework by which you can consistently orchestrate prospect meetings – whether in-person or remote. In fact, a portion of the session will be dedicated to handling the more challenging aspects of remote meetings.

We'll conclude with important lessons on how to overcome the twelve most common sales objections that agencies encounter – allowing your team to calmly and confidently address each.

Ultimately, you'll leave this session with a completely evolved approach that you can apply to all of your prospect meetings.

Who Should Attend?

This training program is designed for those team members involved in leading or supporting new business and proactive outreach for the agency. CEOs and management team members should also join, as the outcomes often have operational and resource implications (particularly as it relates to roles, responsibilities and increasing efficiencies).