Steve Norcia

Steve Norcia

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Steve is an experienced global advertising executive. He has run high visibility advertising accounts such as Coca-Cola, IBM, CitiBank, Digital Equipment, Nabisco, and Bank of New York. He has been involved in some of the most important new products and branding assignments ever introduced, such as Miller Lite, Diet Coke, Amstel Light, SONY Walkman and the IBM ThinkPad. He has run large complex organizations such as McCann-Erickson NY, Doyle Dane Bernbach NY, and Earle Palmer Brown-North. Steve is also a seasoned business development executive. He has led teams that won business such as SONY, IBM, Compaq and Lockheed Martin. Most recently, Steve was in the Internet consulting business at AGENCY.COM. Steve keeps up with technology. He is currently on the Board and head of the compensation committee for Internet start-up SpiralFrog.

Steve believes all employees must internalize the brand value proposition for a company to be effective at external branding. Steve has always been involved with building effective teams and the mentoring and training of his co-workers. He developed training programs for Account Management, Client Relationships, Business Development and Presentation Skills. As a long time adjunct professor at both Fordham University and Iona College, he has brought these skills to the classroom. Steve has a B.A. from University of Connecticut and was an Army officer in the 101st Airborne Division.

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