We Dig Deep. You Leave With an Action Plan.

Live Webinar Training

Mirren’s instructor-guided training delivered in a single and multi-session webinar format. It is the same level of training previously reserved only for those who brought Mirren to their agency. Participate individually or with your entire team.

Delivered over the web, you'll see full video of our training instructor and materials, also receiving a full handout. To ensure you can apply everything to your unique situation, you can engage the Mirren strategist and ask questions. You'll join other agencies in each session, allowing your team to learn how others are performing with their organic growth and new business. There are more than 100 Live Training Webinars throughout the year.

Not your typical webinar training series.
We move fast. We dig deep.
You leave with an action plan.

Single-Session Webinars

Instructor-Guided Training Sessions

Aug 11

Special Guest Speakers: How to Turn Your Teams Into Strategic Advisors with Better Consumer Insight

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Aug 12

Remote Productivity Series: Research Planning: Crafting Effective Online Surveys & Interview Guides

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Aug 12

Mirren Leadership Roundtable Series: Navigating the Downturn

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Aug 27

Getting Started With MirrenDirect: Using Your Access to Generate More Business

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Sep 17

Agency Websites: Turn Them Into a Lead Generation Tool

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Sep 18

Remote Productivity Series: Brainstorming Bigger Ideas When Your Team Is Remote

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Multi-Session Webinars


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Aug 13

How to Uncover & Address the Real Pitch Objectives (What It Will Really Take to Win)

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Aug 20

New Business Writing: Capabilities, Questionnaires & Case Studies That Convert Virtual Pitches

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Aug 25

Virtual Pitch Presentations: Command the Room (Even When You're Not In It)

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Sep 24

Are You Worthy of Organic Growth: Evaluating the Strength of Your Client Relationship

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Oct 01

How to Pinpoint Where Your Clients Are Reallocating Their Budgets (Part 1 of 2)

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Oct 08

How to Pinpoint Where Your Clients Are Reallocating Their Budgets (Part 2 of 2)

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Oct 15

More Compelling Remote Client Presentations: How to Sell Through Your New Ideas

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Oct 27

Establish and Track Organic Growth Goals For Each Account

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