Competitive Reviews: Post Pitch Client Debriefing Guide


Apr 27
1:00 - 1:45pm ET


Whether you’ve won or lost the pitch, getting practical feedback from the client is critical. Insight about the agency, your team and your approach can help make or break future new business efforts.

However, with everything being remote, there is less access to clients – and constructive feedback. If you lost the pitch, it's a painful exercise for the client. It’s a break up call. Their goal is to get you off the phone (or Zoom) as quickly as possible, so they can move on. At best, you’ll get a superficial perspective and rarely anything critical. In fact, the most common thing heard by agencies is, “It was so hard to decide. You were a close second place. I wanted you to win, but it was someone else on the team. You guys were great.” Many agency executives go their entire careers either winning or “coming in second.” Or so they’ve been told. 

In this session, we’ll walk you through a special support tool from Mirren: The Post Pitch Client Debriefing Guide. Step-by-step, we’ll address how to handle this critical feedback call. The goal is to get real feedback and insight that can be applied to all future new business efforts. When handled methodically, you can create a continuous process for improvement.

But then again, you were a very, very close second.

Training Materials

Following the webinar, you will be provided with digital access to print the session materials.

Who Should Attend

Securing pitch feedback is a valuable exercise for everyone who pitches business at your agency. This said, those who lead these post-pitch calls will get the most out of this session.

Competitive Reviews: Post Pitch Client Debriefing Guide


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About the instructor

Jerry May

Director, Agency Growth Strategy

Jerry May is Director of Agency Growth Strategy at Mirren. In this role, he specializes in training how to improve the organic growth and new business performance of mid-size and smaller agencies. He believes it’s these agencies that have a distinct advantage by virtue of being more innovative, agile and effective. Ultimately, with all agencies, he has found that a deeper immersion in the client’s business and target audience insight is the key to converting more business.

Jerry's training is backed up with an extensive background on the client and agency-side. At The Clorox Company, he played a leading role on a number of brands including Liquid Bleach, Hidden Valley Ranch and Kingsford Charcoal. A series of agency assignments followed, which included running accounts such as Bank of America / World Banking, Microsoft, The North Face, Alaska Airlines and Del Monte.  

During his downtime, Jerry loves a good outing to explore local culture and architecture, while also learning how to play his beloved six string.