Series: Business Leadership Skills for Account Management

Effective SOWs, Estimates, Proposals: Getting Paid for All Your Work


Jun 29
1:00 - 2:00pm ET


This Session Is Part of a Series

Business Leadership Skills for Account Management

As client expectations of agencies continue to increase, the role of client services continues to evolve. This four-part live training webinar series will improve 4 key skills for mid-level and senior account managers.

By participating in this series, your account managers will develop the skills to:

  • More proactively lean and lead their clients
  • More effectively understand and address each client’s most pressing business needs
  • Better align the agency with the needs of each client (improving agency outcomes, wasting fewer resources)
  • Write SOWs, estimates, and proposals to increase your fees, create better client alignment and eliminate scope creep
  • Ultimately, become a strong strategic partner with your clients

This is an opportunity to enroll those team members who play a leading role with your clients and internal teams.

Sessions In This Series

  • June 8: Establishing Authority: Leading Your Clients, Leading Your Team (more >>)
  • June 15: Client Business Analysis: Five Metrics Every Account Manager Must Master (more >>)
  • June 22: Client Alignment: Improving Agency Efficiency & Client Satisfaction (more >>)
  • June 29: Effective SOWs, Estimates, Proposals: Getting Paid for All Your Work (more >>)

This Session

Effective SOWs, Estimates, Proposals: Getting Paid for All Your Work (Guest Speaker: John Gleason, President at A Better View)

Your teams write these critical documents on a daily basis. However, despite the fact they’ll make or break an agency’s margin, they receive little strategic attention. Stepping back, we’ll address these scoping documents more methodically – with the goal to increase your margins. 

As a former P&G marketing and procurement executive, John has worked with hundreds of agencies. In this session, he’ll outline how to write SOWs, estimates and proposals in a way that ensures you get paid for all your work (while increasing your margins and reducing scope creep).

This session will cover how to:

  • Calibrate and align what your clients really need
  • Frame potential outcomes and impact
  • Provide options for your clients to consider
  • Reinforce your role as a trusted and indispensable partner
  • Negotiate scope
  • Enhance your value and revenue

Training Materials

Following the webinar, you will be provided with digital access to view the session recording.

Who Should Attend

This training session is designed for those senior and mid-level account team members who play a key role in working with clients and managing internal teams.


Effective SOWs, Estimates, Proposals: Getting Paid for All Your Work


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About the instructor

John Gleason


While John wears many hats in the creative services space, he is driven by one overarching passion and aspiration – to help create healthier relationships client/agency relationships… and further, a healthier industry.   In the process, John’s ambition is to help brands and agencies build stronger businesses (and deliver better business results)… not just deliver better “creative” solutions.   

Fueled by observations and experiences collected through a 20+ year career at Procter & Gamble, John launched  A Better View Strategic Consulting, LLC to “enhance the intersection of creative relationships”.

While at P&G, John’s global responsibilities in customer services, operations, international trade, strategic sourcing, and design & innovation touched every business unit and every region of P&G’s global operations, at various points during his career.

Pivotal to his present endeavor, in his final P&G role, John was a part of P&G’s initial, formative journey to elevate and leverage Design more strategically in its businesses, and in its DNA and culture.   Sought specifically for this newly-created role – because John had built a reputation in P&G supply chain and sourcing communities as a “non-linear thinker”.   John served as the relationship owner for all of P&G’s Design, innovation, and artwork/production needs.  He was the architect and gatekeeper for the processes used to identify, assess, invite, inspire, and engage agency partners – incumbent and prospective, new agency collaborators. 

He interfaced with HUNDREDS of agencies spanning Design, innovation, production, shopper/in-store, digital, consumer activation, and promotion.   In this role, John also served at the global budget owner for P&G’s Corporate Design Function, as well as the point-person for dozens of other Fortune 500 corporations who sought to benchmark regarding P&G’s vision for a strategic role for Design, and agency relationship strategies.