Mirren Leadership Roundtable Series: Navigating the Downturn


Jul 17
1:00 - 2:30pm EST


Please note: there is currently a wait list to join this series. To be added to the list, please email Morgan and we’ll reach out as soon as we have a spot (more are being scheduled now).

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Every two weeks, we’re bringing together five senior agency leaders from non-competing agencies. Our goal is to identify the best practices in progress right now to address the market shift. We’ll share experiences as a group, with the understanding that the collective learning of five sharp brains will improve the performance of everyone. 

Each 90 minute roundtable is moderated by Brent Hodgins, Mirren’s Managing Director. 

Here is the basic discussion outline for each:

  • How is the downturn currently impacting your agency?
    • Revenue/margins (broad terms)
    • Day-to-day operations
    • Current clients
    • New business
    • Talent
    • Your biggest challenges
  • What have you started to implement to address the downturn?
    • ​What do you expect to have the most impact?
    • Knowing it's still early, any bright spots so far?
    • How are you addressing remote operations?
    • How are you addressing culture and morale?
  • Key Takeaways
    • ​​Our most important lessons

As with most good roundtable discussions, expect there may not be enough time to address every point. We’ll also likely have tangents that are highly relevant. Most importantly, do expect new insight to help you navigate this critical period. 


Mirren Leadership Roundtable Series: Navigating the Downturn

About the instructor

Brent Hodgins

Managing Director

Brent is the Managing Director at Mirren. He has trained CEOs and their senior management teams in every major region around the world.

His approach to converting business is down to a science – strategic and methodical – but often contrarian. In fact, as the process is purposely designed by clients to commoditize agencies, he believes you have no choice but to break many of the rules in new business. He also believes that agencies need to stop bowing down to clients and command the respect they deserve. “As soon as you put the client up on a pedestal, it’s a downward spiral from there. If you bring a high level of expertise to the table, then take a stand and command the respect you deserve. And this starts by becoming a business partner to your client.”

Brent began his career in account management at Leo Burnett, where he worked on Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald’s. Later at TBWA\Chiat\Day he launched their digital group in New York, before moving into new business at Wieden + Kennedy. He regularly guest lectures at NYU Stern and Columbia business schools.

After 17 years in New York, Brent recently moved to Seattle to open Mirren’s west coast office. He resides in the Ballard area with his wife and son.