Proactive Prospecting

Nurture Leads: Convert Your Outreach Into First Meetings


May 13
1:00 - 2:00pm ET


This Session Is Part of a Series

Accelerated Prospecting with Account-Based Marketing

Shopping around capabilities and case studies has become the single-most dated approach to prospecting.

When orchestrated strategically, methodically and efficiently – newer methods of proactive prospecting can open new doors in a matter of weeks. To that end, this live web training program has been completely updated for 2021 to addresses the market volatility and the shorter-term revenue needs of agencies.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) will help to identify and convert your best prospects more quickly. This series will teach you a more strategic approach, starting with hyper-focused targeting. You begin by identifying the specific clients your agency can most quickly and easily turn into new assignments. One by one, those leads will receive a personalized call-to-action supported by value-rich, insight-driven content. With this approach, prospects are pulled into your pipeline with a sense of urgency and momentum. This prevents leads from stalling and never converting. Simple, but sophisticated, new tech tools help support this powerful approach.

In fact, there are small and mid-sized agencies using ABM right now to achieve unusually high growth. Because of the emphasis on focus and efficiency, this approach requires fewer agency resources, and ultimately leads to faster conversion.

Sessions In This Series

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  • May 13: Nurture Leads: Convert Your Outreach Into First Meetings 
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This Session

Nurture Leads: Convert Your Outreach Into First Meetings

This session builds upon having your optimized target list and prospecting content firmly in place. We'll now step through a methodical outreach program that leverages this to move prospects through your sales pipeline:

  • Converting Initial Outreach Into a Phone Call: How to make initial contact via social media channels, email and voice mail – with the goal of securing a phone call
  • ​Converting the Phone Call Into a Meeting: How to orchestrate the phone call – with the goal of securing a face-to-face (or remote) meeting

Based on the above outreach channels, you'll also develop a set of scripts, personalized to your unique target list and prospecting content. 
Importantly, we'll address the implications of how working remotely has changed this process.

Training Materials

Following the webinar, you will be provided with digital access to print the session materials.

Who Should Attend

This training is designed for those team members who play a key role in leading or supporting the agency's new business prospecting. This may include new business leads, client services/account management, strategic planning, research, data/analytics, and project management. 


Nurture Leads: Convert Your Outreach Into First Meetings


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About the instructor

Nadine Tull

Director, Agency Growth Strategy

Nadine Tull is Director of Agency Growth Strategy at Mirren. She specializes in training senior teams how to more aggressively – and more methodically – generate organic growth and new business.

In her agency career, Nadine was a force in account management. She worked to establish a partnership with her clients, providing a level of strategic counsel that was focused on growing their business – and the agency’s. In fact, she believes that clients are looking for proactive business partners who lean in hard and don’t just passively take orders. It is essential to frame every aspect of the agency’s work through this lens.

Nadine spent the majority of her agency career in Los Angeles, playing a leading role on retail powerhouse clients that included Taco Bell and T-Mobile. She then moved to the WPP agency, Cole & Weber Seattle, to lead their largest accounts and run new business pitches. During her tenure as the agency partner for Washington’s Lottery, she led continuous years of record growth for the client and agency. She expanded their digital ecosystem, grew the account scope, and successfully defended against a large competitive review, securing the business for six additional years.

Most at home in the center of it all, Nadine lives in downtown Seattle, placing her at the heart of the city’s theater, event and food scene.

Nadine can be reached here by email.