Persuading the Procurement Gatekeeper


Nov 15
1:00 - 2:30PM ET

Whether or not your clients have a Procurement department (or are just adopting a Procurement-like mindset), your ability to understand this new mindset will open - or close - doors.

In this Live Online Class, we'll review the latest insight into specifically how this "value-driven" executive thinks, and what it takes to build and maintain a profitable relationship with clients that are adopting their new policy. 

Learn how to better engage Procurement so that you can: 

  • Develop a more collaborate working relationship         
  • Turn them into an ally for the agency     
  • Move beyond the heavy focus on price        
  • Get more control over scope creep     
  • Understand why they pay some agencies more than others
  • Better open the door to prospect your way in

In short, you will leave this training session with next steps that you can immediately begin implementing to turn Procurement into a profitable ally for the agency.

Training Materials:

Following the webinar, you will be provided with digital access to print the session materials.



Persuading the Procurement Gatekeeper

Who Should Attend?

This training program is designed for all those who have any interactions with clients as it relates to leading or supporting competitive reviews for the agency, or creating and negotiating fee proposals, staffing plans and agreements. The training content is geared to focus more on your senior team members, however your more junior executives will also elevate their ability to negotiate with their client counterparts.

About the instructor

Nadine Tull

Director, Agency Growth Strategy

Nadine Tull is Director of Agency Growth Strategy at Mirren. She specializes in training senior teams how to more aggressively – and more methodically – generate organic growth and new business.

In her agency career, Nadine was a force in account management. She worked to establish a partnership with her clients, providing a level of strategic counsel that was focused on growing their business – and the agency’s. In fact, she believes that clients are looking for proactive business partners who lean in hard and don’t just passively take orders. It is essential to frame every aspect of the agency’s work through this lens.

Nadine spent the majority of her agency career in Los Angeles, playing a leading role on retail powerhouse clients that included Taco Bell and T-Mobile. She then moved to the WPP agency, Cole & Weber Seattle, to lead their largest accounts and run new business pitches. During her tenure as the agency partner for Washington’s Lottery, she led continuous years of record growth for the client and agency. She expanded their digital ecosystem, grew the account scope, and successfully defended against a large competitive review, securing the business for six additional years.

Most at home in the center of it all, Nadine lives in downtown Seattle, placing her at the heart of the city’s theater, event and food scene.

Nadine can be reached here by email.