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Here are the six topics available to your teams. Each one works through a step-by-step series of on-demand lessons. Alternatively, you can access our content in a “hit and run” fashion – get in, get the one support item you need, and get on with it.

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  • Organic Growth
  • Competitive Reviews/RFPs
  • Proactive Prospecting
  • Proposal Writing & Negotiation Skills
  • Optimize Your Agency's Strategic Process
  • Infrastructure & Process for New Business

Organic Growth

Account Teams

Simply put, join this series – actively participate in the exercises and homework – and you will see measurable revenue growth from your roster clients. Your teams move quickly to begin identifying revenue opportunities for all your high priority accounts.

Ultimately, the objective is to turn your account teams into client business partners. As such, they will proactively begin to address more meaningful business outcomes for each of your clients – in turn, generating more revenue for the agency.

Step-by-step, your teams will learn a systematic method for improving revenue growth from your current roster of clients – one that won’t make them feel like sales people. They will learn how to develop new strategies each client will want to buy and then how to present those in a manner that is more persuasive. To ensure each idea is worthy of going forward, they will even learn how to evaluate it against a specific set of criteria.

Most importantly, the program concludes with participants writing immediately implementing their individual organic growth plans.

All Program Steps

  • 1
    The New Client Expectations for Agencies
  • 2
    Identify High Growth Potential Clients
  • 3
    Become a Client Business Partner
  • 4
    How to Develop Ideas That Clients Will Buy
  • 5
    Writing a Client Presentation That Converts More Business
  • 6
    Positioning a Project Ask
  • 7
    Tracking Growth Progress
  • 8
    Using a Client Business Review to Sell More Work
  • 9
    Writing an Aggressive Organic Growth Plan

Who Should Attend?

This training is designed for those in account management. While there is more of a focus for mid-level and senior account team members, those who are more junior will also benefit from the training. There is a particular emphasis on those who play (or will play) a role in driving the growth for any roster clients.

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