Personal Coaching

New to our offering, your team can now directly access a Mirren strategist.

Once each quarter, we will walk you through a personal assessment, benchmarking evaluation, and planning session. The goal is to help your agency set and achieve its most important organic growth and new business goals. This is delivered via web video conferencing. 

This is included for agencies who have at least "All Access + Coaching" access to MirrenDirect. To schedule in your quarterly Personal Coaching session, contact our Customer Service team. You can learn more about adding this to your access here


The Mirren New Business & Organic Growth Benchmarking Tool

During your personal coaching session with a Mirren strategist, we will break down and assess the performance of your agency. We will arm you with an evaluation that identifies your most significant challenges and most immediate opportunities for growth. You will understand how you compare against your industry peers and leave with a plan of action.

You can contact our Customer Service team to learn more.